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What Teens Say

My counselor is rad, she makes therapy something that I look forward to and I know I am getting a lot out of the strategies. It has made a big impact on my life

My healthy relationships

peer group is 


I always thought that having a therapist meant something was wrong with me. I was wrong. Having a therapist means I have a place that is safe, somewhere that is only for me. You gave me that place. I never felt judged for being ME."

Teen Advisors

We've worked with more than 30 teens to design our program. Some of the themes we've heard: ensure privacy, find counselors who can relate to teens, create safe peer support, and easy phone access.


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Teen blog

Our teen advisors also write for our blog about their own experiences.  They are passionate about creating a world where mental health is not stigmatized, and everyone is empowered for their own mental health journey.

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Parent Help

Talking to parents about difficult subjects is not easy. If it's asking for support, the conversation can be particularly nerve-wracking. View our Parent Conversation Guide to learn how to prep for your conversation and tips for common responses.

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