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Testimonials from Parents

"I would be very disappointed if we never found Daybreak. It gives me peace of mind; a single quick and convenient platform with amazing professionals is so helpful for my son to understand what he’s is going through and give him the tools to deal with his anxiety when it comes up.  He’s more talkative about his feelings now." 

"This has been an awesome find - her counselor at school gave us the recommendation. We were having trouble finding a person for her age. She plays volleyball so that made scheduling difficult but you have convenient appointment times online.  She loves her Daybreak therapist and feels comfortable talking to them.  Biggest thing for us with you guys has been convenience and communication."

Why Refer to Daybreak?

  • No wait list

  • Licensed CA counselors who focus on teens 

  • Convenient appointment times after school

  • Affordable ($99/week) and insurance help

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