Refer your teen patients and their families


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Why refer to Daybreak?

  • Outpatient behavioral health for teens in California

  • Specialized for ages 13-19, anxiety & mood disorders

  • No wait time, ever. Next day appointments.

  • Evidence-based care with measurable outcomes

  • Affordable pricing ($99/week), OON insurance

  • Teletherapy meets teens where they are

What Parents Say

We've seen an improvement in attitude, uptick in communication, and overall positive vibes. It’s night and day when I compare it to 8 weeks ago. 100%. We're seeing real inner happiness in our daughter.

I would be very disappointed if we never found Daybreak. It gives me peace of mind.  Quick and convenient platform with amazing professionals who help my son understand what he’s is going through and give him the tools to deal with his anxiety.  He’s more talkative about his feelings now.