Online counseling designed for teens

Finally, counseling made for teens.

Help with self-esteem, stress, confidence levels, anxiety, depression and more. Find your perfect counselor today.


Our teen-centered approach

Teens and counselors worked hand-in-hand to design our program. It all starts with finding your perfect teen counselor:


Our communities create spaces to share & support. We host live video group sessions for teens


No two journeys are alike and our counselors are here for yours. Find your match and have online access to your counselor from wherever.


From mindfulness to nutrition to sleeping habits, the way you live impacts your happiness.  We can help


Simple, affordable membership

Our membership plans start at $59/week.  Compare this to $200+ sessions in private practice.  Membership is renewed weekly and includes 1:1 teen counseling, group therapy sessions, and access to online wellbeing tools

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Community of teen-focused counselors

We are the world's only community of counselors focused exclusively on teens.  All of our professionals are licensed in California and have been background-checked. Our privacy rules apply like traditional therapy. We have team members that specialize in depression, anxiety, sexuality, building confidence and self-esteem, relationships, and more.


MA, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 10+ years exp.

School-based therapist  & online counseling

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MA, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 5+ year exp.

Behavioral Therapist with Bay Area High Schools

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MA, Marriage and Family Therapist, 5+ year exp.

School-based counselor, online counseling 


MA, Marriage and Family Therapist, 5+ year exp.

School-based counselor, program manager