Dear Daybreak community of students, parents, and school counselors --

As the COVID-19 ('Coronavirus') outbreak has evolved in recent weeks, and especially with school closures over the last week, uncertainty and anxiety have spread with it. On behalf of Daybreak, I wanted to share a personal note to let you know how we are responding to the situation to help keep our student members, parents, and school partners healthy and safe.


During this time of increased anxiety and uncertainty, it’s easy to feel isolated. But remember that we’re all in this together — and you are not alone. Keeping yourself healthy and safe extends to taking care of your mental health and well-being.  And remember that social distance does not have to mean social isolation.  


At Daybreak we’re fortunate to be able to help our community through this time with a focus on digital mental health support, as social distance becomes important.  We’ve put together a set of resources for our students, parents and schools. These resources include:

  1. A new COVID-focused blog (which we will add to over the coming weeks) 

  2. Free texting support for any Daybreak member through school closures

  3. Plans discounted at 50% for the duration of school closures when you sign up in March

  4. A coronavirus-stress program, included in our counseling plans

We know this is a challenging time, but please know that Daybreak is always available as a resource.  If you have any follow up questions or concerns - or other ideas for how we can better serve the community - please contact me directly at alex@joinelemental.com. For up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit the CDC.


Stay well and take care — we'll get through this together.


Alex Alvarado

Co-founder and CEO, Daybreak Health


A new COVID-focused blog:

Daybreak counseling:

  • Free text-based counseling for duration of school closures

  • 50% discounts on all plans for the duration of closures 

  • A new coronavirus-stress program as part of all plans

Use code 'together' at sign up

Or text us to start chatting: